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Tsa Tsas

Acrylic, Gold Ink, Sand on grained paper, 2024

Tsa Tsas, literally means ”little Buddha“ in Sanskrit language, which can be regarded as a religious art form of Tibetan Buddhism. They can be seen throughout the mountain roads and forests in Bhutan.

They are usually smaller than a palm and mostly in cone-shaped, which are painted in white, but sometimes colored in gold and muddy red too.

Whenever someone pass away in a Bhutanese family, they will entrust monks to create Tsa Tsas by using the ashes collected from the funeral pyre through a special religious ceremony, in order to commemorate the deceased relatives and pray for reduction of karma. So we can see, this is a powerful expression for Bhutanese Buddhists offering their condolences to their loved ones.

Tsa Tsas可算是藏傳佛教的一種宗教藝術形式,在不丹很常見,梵文音譯為「小佛」的意思。祂們尺寸比掌心小,呈圓錐體,多被漆成白色,但亦有金色和泥紅色,佈滿不丹山林各處。

Tsa Tsas被視為殊勝之物,每當不丹人家中有親人離世,死者家屬便會委託僧侶透過特殊的宗教儀式以火葬柴堆收集的灰燼製成Tsa Tsas,並在葬禮後將祂們放到幽靜的山頭或聖地,紀念逝去親人之餘,同時祈求減少業障,是不丹佛教徒告別生命的有力表現。

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