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| aka YK | Illustrator | Graphic Design |

“I am surprisingly PAINTFUL.”

A Full-time dreamer and a part-time illustrator and graphic designer based in Hong Kong. I have also spent around six years in different local magazines, worked as an online reporter and visual designer before turning into a freelancer. Consequently, I found myself more into visuals than words. 

After quitting my job, I started to publish my works on an illustration column in MPWeekly, a local printed magazine in my home town, for a year. I have also participated in local book projects to create hand-made miniature-illustration-books for kids and adults. Moreover, I worked for local brands on rebranding projects, helping them to create posters, redesign logos, packaging and name cards.


Recently, my husband and I started up a cultural project and created a brand to promote an old oriental game - "Tin Kau", in order to inherit Hong Kong's tradition among the younger generation.

In my leisure time, I love to research about occult, religions, myths and mysterical stories. These influence and inspire my creation.



Work Published

東TOUCH | East Touch 

Hong Kong

明周文化 | MP Weekly
Hong Kong

Art Book Selected Illustration:
Monster 2020


Latest Exhibitions


Gods, Freaks, and Humans Solo Exhibition

Central, Hong Kong



SSP, Hong Kong

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