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Butter Lamp

Acrylic, Gold Ink on grained paper, 2024

In the material world, "light" has the function of illuminating the darkness. For Buddhism, "lamp" is one of the offerings, which represent wisdom.


Offering butter lamps in the temples, contains the profound meaning of achieving the supreme wisdom in the world. It also symbolises the inherent light that originally exist in our hearts, which can destroy all the ignorance, negativity and evils.

I have visited some local temples in Bhutan for offering and lighting all these butter lamps with my husband and friends this year. The Bhutanese believe that lighting lamps can benefit all sentient beings.


They believe through such actions of lighting lamps, can remind themselves to always learn from the selfless spirit of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, to have great compassion for sacrificing yourself, in order to illuminate the others. 



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