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My New Amulet Name Card

Business card design, 2022

An amulet can be seen today as a sign or a certificate often embodying auspiciousness, 

but it used to represent almighty power and was first used by ancient emperors as a tangible way to grant authority to their administrative or military officials. 


As the concept of religion and folklore began to form, 

variations on the amulet were created. 

Seals and sigils were used by the common people 

to channel supernatural powers and even fight demons. 

Over time, the identity of amulet has evolved from political to mystical and religious.


Worry not, this amulets name card you see here

are not meant to be occult. 

They are hopeful messages wishing every visitor peace

and strength  in resisting the dark force

that is engulfing our home at the moment.

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